About ZoomTalks

What is ZoomTalks?
ZoomTalks (formerly known as Speakezee) is the world's largest searchable database of expert speakers. At its heart is the desire to enable speakers to reach audiences through the convenience of video communication platforms.

Speaker Fees
The service is completely free for users. Speakers may or may not charge fees for their talks.

How does it work?
Speakers create a simple profile which focuses on their subject expertise and speaking experience. Speakers are required to load examples of previous talks and/or create examples of video talks.
List a talk you can give or have given in the past. Add materials you might want to share - papers, slides, videos or even a podcast. Create an example talk on Zoom, load to a video sharing platform such as YouTube and then post the link on ZoomTalks.

Event organisers can find and shortlist speakers using a quick and simple search. Once an organiser has found the perfect speakers they can send an invitation for a Zoom talk.
If you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a line at admin[at]zoomtalks.org and we will see if we can find the right speaker for you.

Start a discussion
Audience members can leave comments, questions and feedback for individual talks.

Who is behind the project?
ZoomTalks was conceived and created by Bruce Hood, professor, author and former Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer 2011.

The site was launched in Feb 2015