Founding Partners

University of Bristol

Since its formation in 1876,  the University of Bristol has become one of the leading institutions among the UK's Russell Group of universities and operates globally, where it is recognised for its research and academic excellence.

The University has a strong interdisciplinary approach and regularly features among the top ranking institutions in global league tables.

The University of Bristol’s mission is 'to pursue and share knowledge and understanding, both for their own sake and to help individuals and society fulfil their potential'. This is underpinned by a vision where the University of Bristol is an international powerhouse of learning, discovery and enterprise, whose excellence is acknowledged locally, nationally and globally, and that is:

  • dedicated to academic achievement across a broad range of disciplines, and to continuous innovation and improvement
  • research-intensive, supporting both individual scholarship and interdisciplinary or thematic research of the highest quality
  • a centre for intellectually demanding, research-informed education that nurtures independence of mind and helps students achieve their personal goals and serve society’s needs, both during and after their time here
  • an inclusive and collaborative community of scholarship that attracts and retains people with outstanding talent and potential from all walks of life and all parts of the world
  • a stimulating and supportive environment for all students and staff, distinguished by a commitment to high standards, respect for the individual and a strong sense of collegiality
  • committed to operating in a sustainable manner
  • engaged with society’s interests, concerns, priorities and aspirations
  • a major contributor culturally, environmentally and economically to Bristol and the South West
  • well led and responsibly run, with an emphasis on consultative decision-making and open communication as well as personal responsibility and accountability

Key to Bristol’s vision is a clear and consistent articulation of what it stands for and a dialogue with its many stakeholders and publics about the wide range of research and other activities carried out at the Institution - hence the University is often featured in many national and international media.

The University also plays a lead role in the city of Bristol’s cultural and economic well being and carries out an extensive programme of events and activities on behalf of the city, as well as being a keen supporter of partner organisations’ activities.

Strategic Partners

Association of State Girls Schhols

The ASGS is the leading state girls' school organisation in the United Kingdom.  We believe wholeheartedly in the value of a single sex education.  Our vision is to support girls' schools as they lead girls into developing the character, capabilities and connections to succeed in the international and fast changing modern world. 

British Council

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries, and builds trust between them worldwide. We call this work cultural relations. 

We work in over 100 countries, connecting millions of people with the United Kingdom through programmes and services in the English language, the ArtsEducation and Society. We believe these are the most effective means of engaging with others, and we have been doing this work since 1934. 

Our work in English aims to bring high quality language materials to every learner and teacher who wants them. In developing and post-conflict countries we teach English and train teachers through radio, web and TV broadcasts. We offer over three million UK examinations worldwide, helping people gain access to trusted qualifications to support their career and study prospects.

Our work in Education and Society helps transform national education systems, builds more inclusive and open societies and increases young people’s opportunities. We encourage international students to come and study in the UK, and British students to experience life abroad. We bring schools around the world together so young people and teachers from different countries can share with and learn from each other.

Our work in the Arts involves the very best British and international artistic talent. We help increase audiences for international work in the UK and for UK work globally. We bring artists together and support the development of skills and policy in the arts and creative industries. Through this work we ensure that culture in its broadest sense plays a vital role in connecting with and understanding each other.

In these ways, the British Council builds links between UK people and institutions and those around the world, helping to create trust and lay foundations for prosperity and security around the world. 

British Neuroscience Association

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) is the largest UK organisation representing and promoting neuroscience and neuroscientists. Our members' interests cover the whole range of neuroscience, from ion channels to whole animal behaviour to real-life applications in the clinic and beyond. The origins of the BNA stretch back to the 1960s, when informal meetings of neuroscientists in the pub became formalised into what was then known as the Brain Research Association. The BNA now has around 1750 members and looks forward to the next 50 years  being even more transformative and exciting than the first.

Founders For Schools

Our mission is to inspire students and prepare them for the rapidly changing world of work. We do this by enabling educators to invite business leaders for encounters with their student in just 4 minutes. Our online platform is a free service, connecting educators with leaders of successful growing businesses in their community. 

I'm a Scientist - Get Me Out of Here

‘I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here’ is a free online event where school students get to meet and interact with scientists. It’s a free X Factor-style competitionbetween scientists, where the students are the judges. Students challenge the scientists over intense, fast-paced, online live CHATs. Then they ASK the scientists all the questions they want to, and VOTE for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public.

Independent Schools Association

Founded in 1879, the Independent Schools Association is one of the oldest of the independent schools’ organisations.  Since 2014, we have  been a registered charity and we are proud to promote our charitable objectives. ISA provides professional support to its 455 member Headteachers. Staff of our Members’ schools benefit from high quality training opportunities and access to a wide range of membership services, while pupils enjoy an extensive programme of local and national Sporting, Arts and Cultural events. We value our reputation for offering warmth and professional, practical advice and we are delighted to offer an expanding range of member benefits.


Physics Partners

Physics Partners is a dynamic educational charity providing hands-on training and support for non-specialist and newly qualified physics teachers in state secondary schools.

Pint of Science

Pint of Science is an annual festival that brings some of the most brilliant scientists to your local pub to discuss their latest research and findings with you. This is your chance to meet the people responsible for the future of science and have a drink with them. Founded in 2012 by two previous researchers at Imperial College London, Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin, this simple idea brewed in a pub has grown into a global phenomenon. To date over 1500 events have taken place in the UK involving 1000s of researchers. Pint of Science takes place in over 25 cities in the UK as well as a further 100 cities in 12 countries around the world.

Soapbox Science

Founded in 2011 by ZSL research fellow Dr Nathalie Pettorelli and University Reader Dr Seirian Sumner from University College London, the aim of Soapbox Science is to promote the visibility of women in science, and simultaneously achieve wider participation in engaging the public with science in an accessible, fun, and unintimidating way. To date over 300 women from PhD students to professors have taken part in events. In 2017 Soapbox Science is expanding to 15 locations around the UK and Ireland and four international event in Australia, Germany, Canada and Italy.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Learning is the largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We work with schools, colleges and others working with young people across the UK.

Supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers, we are dedicated to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and careers.

The Society of Heads

The Society of Heads is a dynamic and vibrant community of independent schools, who share innovative ideas and approaches to learning. The overarching aim is to help provide appropriate and balanced curriculums within schools, which actively foster and develop key attributes in pupils. The marriage of traditional qualities with modern educational theory will be the foundation of my approach to leading this progressive society. In the ever-changing landscape of today’s society, schools have a duty to prepare its pupils for an uncertain future. In working collaboratively with other independent schools nationally, sharing ideas of best practice, we can ensure that the students of today have the best chance of thriving in tomorrow’s future.

The Weekend University



Become a Student for One Day

Fascinated by psychology, philosophy and the human mind?

But don’t want to commit to a three-year degree and get into a tonne of student debt to explore your interest further?

Following your passion is great – but it could get you in trouble if you’re not careful.

You might already be in the middle of a career, with a family to feed and bills to pay – so stopping everything to start a new degree simply isn’t a realistic option for you; at least not at this stage in your life.

Worse still, what if you stopped everything to start a new degree and then realise a few months in that you’ve made the wrong decision?

This is where The Weekend University comes in.

We believe studying psychology and philosophy can improve everyday life; both for the person studying, and the people they come in to contact with.

We also believe learning is a lifelong process which should be guided by your intrinsic curiosity and interests, not just an obligation you should go through to get a piece of paper at the end.

So, what if you could use your weekends to attend lectures and foundational courses in the subjects that interest you most?

Then from there, you can make an informed decision about what to do next – whether it’s taking a short course in the subject or going back into full or part time study.

The Weekend University was set up to:

  • Share the ideas of the UK’s leading psychologists, philosophers, academics and practitioners
  • Provide a stepping stone for further education in psychology and philosophy

To do this, we organise ‘Lecture Days’ around fascinating areas of psychology and philosophy, and foundational courses for those who want to go deeper on the subjects.

Our talks and one-day courses are designed to help you use your weekends to explore your interests, meet likeminded people and develop foundational knowledge in the areas that interest you most, so you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

Instead of jumping in to the deep end, you can ‘dip your toe in the water’ at the weekend, and figure out what direction you want to take next on your educational journey.

UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres

The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) is the national organisation that brings together the UK’s major science engagement organisations to play a strategic role in the nation’s engagement with science. Within our network are over 60 of the nation’s largest publicly accessible Science Centres, Discovery Centres, Science Museums and scientific bodies. Together, our vision is for a society where people of all backgrounds and in all parts of the UK are inspired and fully involved with the sciences.


Vitae champions the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in higher education institutions and research institutes. Vitae’s vision is for world class personal, professional and career development of researchers.

Vitae is part of CRAC, an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to supporting career development and active career-related learning. CRAC has been working with the research councils since 1968 to deliver skills and career development for researchers.